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Port Salerno Dog Surgery

Port Salerno Dog Surgery, Florida - Boulevard Animal Hospital

Boulevard Animal Hospital stands out as the leading veterinary facility in Port Salerno, Florida, renowned for the specialized expertise of our surgical team. If your dog requires medical attention for orthopedic issues, you can trust the highly skilled Port Salerno dog surgery team at Boulevard Animal Hospital. We are equipped to offer the most advanced treatment options available for a variety of conditions including arthritis, bone fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, and even complex joint replacements. Our comprehensive approach ensures thorough care from diagnosis through to full recovery. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation to discuss the best care plan for your dog’s health needs. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist you and your beloved pet with exceptional surgical care.

Port Salerno Dog Surgery
Port Salerno Dog Surgery

Port Salerno Dog Surgery

Boulevard Animal Hospital offers specialized surgery for dogs, Our experienced staff will take great care of your dog. We offer orthopedic dog surgery for residents of Port Salerno, Florida, and their canine companions. Scheduling an appointment is simple. If your dog needs orthopedic treatment for conditions such as arthritis, fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, or requires joint replacement, you can rely on the skilled surgery team at Boulevard Animal Hospital. They provide advanced care for a range of issues, including:

Dog Surgery Port Salerno
  • Cruciate ligament ruptures
  • Shoulder tendinopathies
  • Angular limb deformities
  • Patella luxation
  • Complex fracture repairs
  • Arthroscopic joint debridement
  • Hip surgery
  • Tumor removal


Boulevard Animal Hospital perform a variety of dog surgeries and are just minutes away for residents of Port Salern. When you need reliable veterinary care that includes dog surgery.

We are a full service vet and take a comprehensive approach to treating your dog's orthopedic issues. We provide meticulous care from the initial consultation through rehabilitation and recovery. Common procedures include

Port Salerno Dog Surgery
  • Laparoscopic ovariectomy
  • Portosystemic shunt ligation
  • Splenectomy
  • Laparoscopic gastropexy
  • Urinary bladder stone removal
  • Lung tumor removal
  • Wound reconstruction
  • Treatment for laryngeal paralysis
Port Salerno Dog Surgery

What Clients Say

Because They Can’t Tell You What’s Wrong
Donna H.

DR. Wayne Diamond is very caring and professional and very honest, which is very rare these days! His entire staff as well. Their prices are also good compared to other vets in the area. I am very happy

Donna H.

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We are Compassionate and Offer High Quality Dog Surgery Services

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